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Learning at iCon2013

Learning to use Blogsy app to blog directly from my ipad at a conference today.


Thanks to Nancy for showing me this!



Sunday, March 25, 2007

Here's my .mac address -
Enjoy! I hope to get a permanent one for the school.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

1. Overview - Welcome - Session One

Welcome to Introduction to Apple iLife ’06 in the Classroom
This course will be delivered by Leslie Carroll and Mary Marotta. We are both technology integration teachers for the Nashoba Regional School District and are very excited about teaching this course.

This course is designed to train teachers to use the applications included in Apple’s iLife ’06 suite including iPhoto, iMovie, iTunes, iDVD and GarageBand. We will provide basic instruction on how to use each of the various applications and ideas on how to incorporate them into a classroom environment, either making projects for instructional use or teaching students to create their own projects.

Recommended Text: The Macintosh iLife 06 in the Classroom, Jim Heid & Ted Lai ISBN-10: 0-321-42654-1; also an iPod, MP3 player and digital camera maybe helpful in the class. If you have your own mac with iLife 06, please bring to class, we will provide the wireless. Handouts will include tip sheets, relevant Internet sites and other information compiled by the instructors.
Please introduce yourself to your classmates by clicking on the comments link.

Session 1
Friday evening we will have a guest presenter Christos Perakis from Apple. Christos will provide an overview of iLife and share lessons and ideas from Apple. We are delighted to have him join us! (So, bring your supper to class!)

In the Classroom
See teachers’ lesson plans and sample projects using Apple’s powerful digital media tools:
iPhoto in the classroom ideas
iMovie HD
iChat AV and iSight

* Shortcuts

Samples to Watch
- Angus King's take on "The World is Flat."Mr. King will reveal this notions of how this important book exposes issues in the our current economy, Â the economies of the future, and how education needs to prepare our students for this flattened earth.
- Other examples
- Math
- Marco Torres - Digital Students
- Why ... Digital Media Students for more examples
- More

Create sample class project - Monsoon at Nashoba.

2. iLife ’06 in the Classroom

iLife '06 in the Classroom
Bring the sights and sounds that excite and inspire your students into the classroom effortlessly with iLife ‘06—a highly integrated software suite that comes on every new Mac. iLife features the latest versions of Apple’s award-winning iMovie HD, iPhoto, iDVD, GarageBand, and the new iWeb.

Take a look around!
View over 100 educator-created lesson plans for all grade levels and subject areas, and see how teachers are using iLife to engage students and increase achievement.*
Social Studies Language Arts Math Science Other
Favorites from Marco Torres - Digital Students.

Getting Started with iLife/iPhoto

iLife ’06 is the easiest way to make the most out of every bit of your digital life. Use your Mac to collect, organize and edit the various elements.

Useful links for getting started
- Apple iLife Site
- Quick Tour

iPhoto - Basics
Ten Tips for Capturing photos
- Using iPhoto -
- Quick Tour
- Tutorial iPhoto Multimedia
- Student Gallery of Ideas

Getting Started with iMovie/iDVD

When you make a movie, you create a memory that will last forever. With iMovie, you simply arrange your video clips, still images, and music in the order that best tells your story. iMovie makes it easy to share your movies with your friends and family. Screen it on your TV, phone, iPod, or post it on the Internet

Using Magic iMovie
The fastest way to get started with iMovie is with Magic iMovie. Just plug in your FireWire camcorder, give it a title (optional), select transitions (optional), and a soundtrack (optional), and let iMovie do the rest. iMovie automatically rewinds the tape and imports your video from your camcorder, sequentially arranges it in the timeline, and inserts your title, transitions, and your soundtrack so your new movie is ready to play.
More on themes - watch

iMovie Tutorial - Moving Video from the Camera to the Mac

How-To-Guides (pdf)
Filming with Your Video Camera
Connecting the Camera and Creating a Project
Getting the Right Footage
Adding Transitions Between Clips
Adding Music to Your Movie
Getting Your Movie Ready for DVD

iDVD - One of the best ways to share your movies and photos is to burn them to a DVD. A DVD can hold hours of video, thousands of photos, or a mix of both, so you can fit a feature-length movie, several short movies, and a handful of photo slideshows on a single DVD. Take a tutorial

Magic iDVD
iDVD has always made it easy to create beautifully designed DVDs. Now it’s beyond easy. With the Magic iDVD feature, all you have to do is choose a theme and select the movies and photos you want to include. iDVD then automatically creates a complete DVD, unified in design from start to finish, including menu screens, movies, chapter menus and slideshows. You have to see it to believe it. Want to join in the magic? Use Magic iDVD as a starting point and edit from there.

Links Rubric - iMovie Rubric

Other Tutorials
iMovie Tutorials from the Atomic Learning library, uses videos to demonstrate iLife Awards

- Free downloads for iMovie
- FreeplayMusic - download free MP3 music clips
- - free sound effects
- - free sound effects
- - Royalty Free Music

RSS Feeds - Use in Bloglines or Google Reader *See Sidebar on this site -

Do More...
Make a Screencast on the Mac -
Snapz Pro X is a screen capture application for the Macintosh created by Ambrosia Software, Inc. With Snapz Pro you can capture all or a portion of the computer screen, specific objects like windows, menus, and dialog boxes, or a series of actions as a QuickTime movie. Requirements: Mac OS X.

I have use the SmartBoard software/recorder on the PC.

Math Movies samples

3. Midterm - Articles and links

Midterm Assignment

Practice and play with what you have learned. (iphoto, imovie, idvd and itunes).

In the comment box below summarize and comment on each item. (only need to post one reflection covering the three topics). Suggestion, write in Word (offline) and copy and paste to the blog. Save your Word document as backup.

  1. Read an article about using these applications and/or video in education. Read it and reflect your opintions or ideas from the article and how it might apply to your assignment in school.
  2. Go to iTunes, locate a podcast that you may use in your classroom. Tell us what you found!
  3. Go to the iLife Awards Site and lesson plans page Choose one you particularly like or one that is relevent to your job.

Article options
1. Article IPods Fast Becoming New Teacher's Pet
2. Article There's Something in the Air: Podcasting in Education (pdf)
By Gardner Campbell. © 2005 Gardner Campbell
3. How To: Use Digital Storytelling in Your Classroom * Edutopia Magazine
Edutopia - A storyteller for education, GLEF profiles how teachers and students around the country are enacting many inspiring stories and transforming their schools - subscribe now!

4. Students Find Their Voices Through Multimedia The San Fernando Education Technology Team helps Latino students deliver powerful messages through video and the Web. Read and Watch - Marco Torres more Teacher Video by Marco Torres and Digital Students (Note Digital Students @analog Schools - 4th on right) Marco Torres student movies

5. Jamestown - NEA Article (and check it out in iTunes/podcast)

6. Podcasting: Collaborative projects and shout-outs
Rock Our World (an international project using podcasting and videoconferencing)
Mothers' Day Podcasts Where in the World Podcasting Project: PDF Description and RSS Feed

7. eSchool News series Video Goes to School (may have to register to read articles *)
Part 1
Part 2 *
pPart 3 *

eSchool News Video on Demand Boosts Students’ Math Scores
8. *

See you on Friday, March 23rd!!