Tuesday, February 27, 2007

3. iTunes and Podcasts

Podcasting in Education - Imagine being able to listen to or view lectures and lessons on demand? Podcasts can deliver educational content for listening or viewing on your computer and iPod, freeing learning from constraints of the classroom and its clock. A podcast is audio or visual content that is automatically delivered over a network via free subscription. Once subscribed to, podcasts can be regularly distributed over the Internet or within your school’s network and accessed with an iPod, laptop, or desktop computer (both Macs and PCs). http://www.apple.com/education/products/ipod/podcasting.html and a three part series on podcasting - videos http://edseminars.apple.com/seminars/online_event.php?eventID=1

iTunes in Education
Content where and when it’s needed.
iTunes brings podcasting to the classroom and beyond. Students and educators can subscribe, listen to, or view podcast content on their Macs or PCs with the free iTunes application or transfer it to iPod for listening or viewing on the go. They can also upload their own podcasts and share them with the world. The podcast directory within the iTunes Store provides access to over 65,000 podcast feeds from around the world, across all subject areas, including over 6,000 education-specific podcasts. Students and teachers can organize their content into playlists, such as a Spanish language playlist for quicker access within iTunes and on iPod. For example, a student could create a playlist of Spanish language dialogues and vocabulary for review.
Make it your own.

Assignment - Open iTunes and locate three educational podcast that you can use in your classroom. Pick three other podcasts that are of interest to you.

Recommended podcasts
Laurie recommends
- ilifezone.com (Chris Breen)
- Jamestown podcasts (NEA this month)
Carol recomments
- Corey Barker - photoshop elements quick tips/tutorials

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